Dental Implants in North London

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Implant Techniques

Dental Implant Procedures

1. One Stage Implant Vs. Two Stage Implant

In both stages, the implant is placed in the implant site as per normal surgical protocol. The difference is that in the one stage, the healing screw is visible on the gum that heals around it whereas in the two stage, the covering screw is not visible and the gum covers it. With the two stage, a second procedure will be needed a few months later to uncover the screw. Our preferred method is the one stage, however in certain instances [e.g. after grafting] a two stage procedure may be indicated.

2. Immediate Implants

Simply, this means that the implant is placed immediately when the natural tooth is removed. Occasionally, if conditions are right, we can also fit a provisional restoration on the implant during the same appointment.