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Single implant crown to replace bridge

This patient presented with a bridge that was ill fitting. The tooth next to the space was heavily root canal treated and so was a poor choice for another bridge. Additionally, the patient was not keen on having another bridge and so opted to instead replace the missing tooth with an implant supported crown. Cosmetically and functionally, we have attained our goal to restore the heavily filled tooth and replace the missing tooth

Implant Supported Bridge Upper Front Teeth

This patient had extensive restorative work carried out on the upper front teeth many years ago. This was now failing, unaesthetic and in need of some remedial work. It was noted that none of the upper front four teeth could be saved. Hence after removal, two implants were placed with a 4 teeth bridge.

Implant Supported Bridge Upper Four Front Teeth

This patient suffered from gum disease and this resulted in his teeth becoming loose. After treatment for the gum condition, with our hygienist, we successfully managed to control the gum disease. Thereafter, we were able to give his smile back with two implants and a bridge for his upper front teeth.

Implant Denture Treatment

This patient had endured years of discomfort from his dentures, resulting in an inability to eat and function properly. Although there were a few upper teeth present, no lower teeth remained. We hence constructed a lower full denture retained by two implants and an upper creeping partial denture. This has made a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for this patient. As the remaining upper teeth are also suspect, we now plan to construct an upper denture retained by implants.

Implant Crown Upper Front Tooth

This patient had been involved in a traumatic accident and after many years of trying to save the tooth with a root canal and crown, it now had to be removed. The patient was devastated! We helped him replace the single tooth with an amazingly indistinguishable dental implant and crown.

Single Implant Supported Crown

This patient unfortunately had lost her tooth due to previous failed dental treatment and hence was referred to me for a dental implant. Importantly, we had to make sure that we preserved her gum architecture to give a natural look. Overall, we managed to do this and also place a good colour matching restoration to give her natural smile back.

Implant Supported Bridge Three Upper Front Teeth

This patient presented to us having recently had his upper front teeth removed and a denture fitted. It was causing considerable embarrassment socially and a more fixed solution was sought. Hence, we were able to place some implants and provide a fixed bridge.

Implant Supported Bridge Upper Front and Side Teeth

This patient had a previous bridge on his natural teeth for the upper front and side teeth that had failed and so removed. The loss of bone was evident. We successfully managed not only to place implants with limited bone availability but also cleverly added pink porcelain to his bridge to mimic the natural gum tissue!

Implant Denture Treatment

This patient presented with an inability to successfully wear a full lower denture and also a wish to retain his last remaining tooth. This tooth, although discoloured and stained, was sound and hence it was important to respect the patient's request. Over a period of 6 months, we constructed a lower full implant retained denture using two implants and an upper conventional partial denture.

Full Mouth Implant Bridges

This patient had previously had all his natural teeth crowned and this had caused such problems over the years that they had to also eventually be removed. His crowns were regularly coming away and his denture was not helping his acting career. Hence, over a period of a year, we placed implants in the upper and lower jaws, and then restored these with fixed bridges. This has helped his self esteem, and he can now 'bite into an apple!'.

Single Implant Supported Crown

This young patient unfortunately had lost his front tooth and presented to me unable to wear his denture. As the other adjacent teeth were sound and without any fillings, and considering the young age, we decided to place a single dental implant as the benefits outweighed other treatment options like a bridge [thus avoiding damaging any sound natural teeth].

Implant Crown Upper Front Tooth

This was a challenge. Not only had the patient lost the gum around this rotated upper tooth, but there was little bone. The patient did not want to accept denture or bridge treatment. We had to carefully place graft bone and transplanted gum after removing the tooth and at the time of dental implant insertion. The natural looking rotated crown was cemented after healing. What an outcome!